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We have proven records focusing only on two major football leagues.


The harsh truth is that about 90% of people who bet are at a loss in the long run, as proven by an analysis by the Wall Street Journal.

I felt stupid because I spent a lot of time on analysis, and the result was a disaster. I was sure that it was impossible to make money from sports betting and that all tipsters were scammers (since I paid a lot of them).

But with the help of one of my partners, we came up with the idea to limit the focus to only two leagues and to master them!


The owner of an organization of 7 people who do full-time deep analysis for only two football leagues. These hard-working people are real experts in the sports betting fields. This is what they’re doing:


Deliver detailed statistics of the entire match, including goals, fouls, and corners, and cover all the elements for precise match detail.


Knowing the match line-up, changes, game tactics, and the captain’s influence on the team in previous matches. Full statistics of the entire team line-up and in-game changes.


Analysis of team formation,  game style changing in the games, and pressure the team makes over the opponent. Team movement from defense to attack and complete player in-line tracking.


Player forms, latest injuries, career ups and downs during the last five years, and necessary time to recover in-depth details and every off-side recovery training treatment.

Team coach standing


Observe the consideration of current and future decisions by club managers for every player. Track big meetings and talks with the player after joining the club.


celebrity player posing for photo


The game outside of the field is equally important. Tracking the social lives of players, nights out, vacations, social networks, scandals, family, and friends with full-day coverage of every team player with the most personal details.

referee team


Statistics of the referee’s team before the match, their previous behavior in the game, and their game tempo. Complete analyses of the coach’s team and their mood during the training and the game.


We have been analyzing sports matches for six years. But we have only made a good profit in the last two years! What were our mistakes?

For almost four years, we were at a positive zero, or we had a slight profit. We did it wrong. We analyzed every day the games from all leagues. We enter into a deep analysis 4-5 hours before the match, thinking that this is how a professional tipster does it.

Unfortunately, that’s what they do! At best, they have a slight profit. That approach is wrong because you can’t get to the heart of the problem. You can’t understand enough players, coaches, owners, and referees.

Our perspective changed, and we realized that we couldn’t analyze more than two leagues if we wanted to see a good profit in sports betting. After we split the assignment for everyone in our team, our new scheme started to work.


A 100-watt bulb can light a room, but a laser can cut through metal.

Why does the same energy produce a different outcome?

One word, FOCUS!

We simply analyze two leagues, we don’t waste energy on a million leagues.

That, in my opinion, is the secret of our success in sports betting.

With this type of research, we understand all the players: we know what kind of mood they are in their training, whether they may have been out the night before the game, whether they are having family or other problems and how intense their training has been in the last period.

Whether they have lost or gained weight, whether there is a chance for a potential transfer to another club, whether the fans support him or not, how he behaves at the press conference, and much more.

So even a few days before the match, we know in advance who can be a potential replacement, who has a chance to play poorly, who is having a bad day, or who has some problems.

In almost 90% of cases, we can determine what tactics the club coach will use, whether he will start the match with a standard or mixed lineup, whether he will start offensively or wait for the opponent’s mistake and play on the counter, and much more.

We can have 2-3 losses in a row, but we can also have a long streak of victories (more than 20). 

That was more than 20 wins in a row and more than 5 thousand profit in only 2 weeks. 

For people who doubt this, there is a video too 🙂 .

 Despite extensive research, there are some factors we cannot control, but due to the analysis done by our team, we can reduce the percentage of loss to a minimum.

Our average user recovers all previously lost money from sports betting
within 2-3 months.

Results from October 2022:

In 2 weeks, we had 17 wins and 3 losses (85% winning rate, around 4.5k profit).

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What Are Others Already Saying About 'Bet Destroy'?

“During the analysis of just one match, the amount of information processed by this company equals the research done by other tipsters in a month” – Canisio Rodrigues

“Their analysis is so detailed that I think they know what some of the players eat, but seriously” – Jamie Burrows

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$399 / per month

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✅ 32 – 35 tips 

✅ 8 VIP tips extra 

✅+ 5 VIP tips extra

✅1.8 Average match odd

 ✅ 30-Day Money Back 

*Your subscription can begin at any moment. We are covering the full calendar year. Our main leagues are the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga. During the domestic league break, our team of experts is also covering Seria A and Seria B in Brazil.

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